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Internet Services
DSL internet
prepaid cards
wireless broadband
VPN solution
DSL Internet Connection
High speed always-on internet via DSL modem over your telephone lines...
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Prepaid Dialup Cards
Pay as much you use internet. Budget your own internet expense accordingly...
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Wireless Broadband Internet
All wireless, high speed broadband internet connection without any wire connected...
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VPN Solutions
Build a secure communication within your company, get VPN Solutions...
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Insta Telecom Limited
Insta Telecom is the only company which is operating from 9 major cities of Afghanistan and you can enjoy the same service, same speed with same equipment and payment plans in any city. You have offices in Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar, Jalalabad, Ghazni, Khost, Helmand or Kunduz, no matter; we can provide you DSL Internet in these cities. More than 5000 plus clients already using this service happily.
Exclusive Customer Services
Always on, professional and courteous Customer Support staff, always there to help you round the clock. Just give a call at 4747...
With the tremendous growth in Internet usage, the need to provide faster connection speeds continues. Traditional technologies such as modems can often not provide the desired increase in speed (bandwidth). A number of new technologies are being developed with DSL, that provides high speed over existing telephone cabling becoming increasingly popular. Insta Telecom has deployed all latest available technology and equipment to provide our customers high speed networks.
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Multiligual, Non-Stop and Trained & curteous Customer Support
"Insta Telecom introduces DSL Internet - first time in Afghanistan. Now you can get wonderful speed at comparatively very cheap costs in Afghanistan..."
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